Beauty of Pair Programming

I’ve never heard of the term ‘pair programming’ until I decided to apply to Hack Reactor. Apparently during the admissions interview, I would have to pair program with the interviewer and this thought scared me a little. I thought I would be expected to know all the codes written by the interviewer and vice-versa. Turns out, pair programming is just a term for ‘communication between two coders/developers who are working on the same project at given time’.

At Hack Reactor, for the first half of the program, we are given a “sprint” to complete every two days and all of this is done in pairs. One might ask, what is the point of pair programming? Shouldn’t you try to learn everything by yourself?

But the reality is, when you actually get a job as a software engineer, you will never solo your way through an entire project. You will have to communicate with developers who might have different backgrounds and different way of thinking and Hack Reactor is prepping us for it.

Now, I never realized how much I enjoyed and benefitted from pair programming until I had to complete couple of sprints by myself. For instance, pair programming opened my eyes to new ideas and resources presented by my cohort-mates. It also helped me see how much further ‘effective pair programming’ can take your projects (to a much higher level). When you are pair-programming, you are not just writing codes together but you are essentially building trust and when that trust is established and brought together with both of your coding capabilities, better outcomes are created.

Yeah.. so to put it briefly, pair programming ROCKS.

Written by Hera Kim on 15 November 2015
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