Why I chose Angular for front-end development

For our thesis project, we chose Angular for front-end development. Below are some of the reasons why we decided with Angular.

1) “Fairly easy” to get started. I mean there are going to be large learning curves for all frameworks when you want to build large scale applications. But, when you first start out, you can create a simple Angular app pretty quickly, not to mention the incredible amount of resources, tutorials, and blog posts that guide you through the making of it. This definitely helped lower my concerns about moving forward with Angular.

2) “Simplicity”. You can start working with Angular in a basic HTML doc from your local system. You don’t even need a web server and all you need to do is just open the HTML doc in your browser and this is incredibly helpful when creating quick layout/dummy of new features.

3) “Easy integration”. Angular starts its work only after the page loads. For instance, once HTML is in the DOM, then Angular does its stuff, which makes it easy to integrate Angular components into existing applications. Also, Angular is one of the only major front end frameworks that use javaScript objects for models. This also makes it easy to integrate with existing data sources. Finally, it can easily integrate with external libraries such as iQuery, Angular UI, Ionic or AngularFire.

4) “Extensibility”. Angular allows you to create custom elements and attributes outside the standard HTML vocabulary. You can define how a custom element is rendered and assign specific behaviors to it and you can essentially create a library of your own reusable components!

Written by Hera Kim on 12 December 2015
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