Bus It Baby | never miss your final bus stop!

My Greenfield project, (which was my first group project at Hack Reactor) is called ‘Bus It Baby’. Yes… the name of the app sounds a bit strange and it does make our team cringe slightly in embarrassment whenever we have to talk about it. But it did bring a lot of joy to the HRR9 cohort!

I had a wonderful opportunity to work on this app with three other amazing developers – Alon Robinson, David Lee, and Mykia Smith. Alon came up with the idea of this app; he wanted to develop a mobile app where public transit riders can enter in their destination stops and when they are within a specific distance from the destination, an alarm would trigger so that even if they are asleep, listening to music or even day dreaming, they wouldn’t miss their final stops.

Tech Stack : Ionic, AngularJS, Firebase, Google Maps API, Bootstrap, SASS

We wanted our app to do the following broadly: - allow users to sign in through Google - allow users to select destination and the distance from it - trigger alarm when user reaches the final destination - (store user information into a database, if we had time left)

And here are the features we managed to implement: - a mobile app using Ionic and AngularJS, optimized for iOS - authentication for Github (instead of Google) by integrating the app with Firebase - tracking/calculating distance between user and specified final destination by integrating the app with Google Maps API

Bus It Baby


Overall, I had so much fun during Greenfield. I couldn’t ask for a better team; the communication was so awesome and fun and the level of passion, energy, and humor everyone brought to the team just made Bus It Baby all the more special for me.

Written by Hera Kim on 07 January 2016
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